These rules must be followed at all times while uploading images to this website.

  • You may have two personal images: one for your userpage and one for your signature.
  • It must be upload as: USERNAME.personal.png for your userpage and USERNAME.signature.png for your signature. If it is upload as anything else it will be marked for deletion unless you rename it.
  • When uploading an image for Project:Character Art, it must be named properly.
  • It must be uploaded as: CATNAME.RANK.png. The name should be their current name. (example: Firestar.apprentice.png NOT Firepaw.apprentice.png)
  • When reuploading an image for Project:Character Art, you must overwrite it over the same image. Same goes for your one personal image.
  • Do not upload: Firestar.apprentice.png, and then upload Firestar.apprentice.2.png. It must be reuploaded over the same image.
  • Do not upload any copyrighted images.
  • ONLY UPLOAD THIS WIKI'S LINEART. Anything else will be deleted without question. If the image is your own (ex: YOU AND ONLY YOU drew it and it is NOT featured on any other website) then you may upload it.
  • Example: Uploading an image of the territories that you drew is allowed, if named properly.


Failure to follow the rules stated above will result in the following consequences.

  • Breaking any of the rules stated above will result in the image being deleted or renamed. If a user continues to break the rules, s/he will be given a 24 hour ban.
Thank you,
~FallowLet's Talk

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