These rules must be followed at all times while chatting. Chatting is a privilege and can easily be taken away.

  • No distributive behavior.
  • No spamming, excessive caps, flooding, ect.
  • Be kind to other users in chat.
  • Anything they consider a personal attack towards them.
  • Roleplay in paragraph form.
  • Not: *runs to the bush and hids* Get over here! *hisses* but: Fuzzykit ran over to the berry bush and pulled herself under it. "Get over here!" She hissed to her brother.
  • Do what sysops and chat monitors tell you the first time.
  • We shouldn't have to repeat ourselves.


Failure to follow the rules stated above will result in the following consequences. Please note that all violations will be recorded, and no user will be kick-banned or blocked without screen-shots or a sysops themselves doing so.

  • Distributive behavior will result in a one week chat ban unless the user has no contributive edits. If they do not, the ban will be held onto until they have made 50 or more edits to the main-space.
  • Personal attacks will result in a full wiki ban, and won't be lifted for a month.
  • Roleplaying in nonparagraph form is very minor, and will result in a 24 hour chat ban.
  • Back talk to staff will result in a two week ban, unless said user has no contributive edits. Then the ban will be held until they make 50 or more edits to the mainspace.
Thank you,
~FallowLet's Talk

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